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The Podject

Dec 19, 2017

On Tonights Episode, I get interrupted by a harsh and hectic little robot that goes by the name Bah-now-cha-chang-chang. I probe him with a small set of unanswered questions. Just don't expect anything astonishing or thought-provoking; he is after all an ordinary BNC3 with a sub-par cursing downgrade installed. 


Dec 13, 2017

On Tonights Episode... we discuss how there is no tonights episode, thanks to a robotic jerk in jorts. So what will happen while the show is not at play? That is what is covered today. Stay tuned to find out when you can hear more of from your valient heroes. 


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Dec 8, 2017

On Tonights Episode, Bumble waits patiently for his Mister E guest to appear, only to find that that which was missing was actually there the whole time. Mister E proposes a pitch that is a conundrum, enigma and a question wrapped in a riddle of secrecy, or something like that. Then Bumble proposes a...

Dec 7, 2017

On Tonights Episode, Bumble and Prophet gather their gusto as they prepare for a pallet of powers. Prophet finds a way to weaken wallets and words as he removes titles and moves back to the basics of names. Bumble then proposes a pitch of longwinded portions as he tries to mend broken pictures as well as explain deep...

Dec 6, 2017

On Tonights Episode, Bumble and Joker Ace settle down in the bunker as they vent and vibe over the stresses and swagger of some. Bumble proposes a way to release his rage and distaste; but doesn't get even, Steven. Then Joker Ace summons his inner animalistic rendition in an ode to a star.


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